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Why is this important to me?

It is reported that in excess of 40% of smartphone owners visit social networks each day with mobile applications.  As we see the rise of the Smart Phones social media and social networking has a representative relationship with the mobile consumer.

In April 2015 Facebook reportedly had 1.44 billion active users a month with 65% of using it daily, in that same month Twitter recorded 302 million active users, with approximately 1 billion registered users.

With that being said, can you afford not to take advantage of one of the biggest marketing tools available to businesses today.


There’s lots of stats that are thrown about regarding Social Networking and how many people use it.  What you need to ask yourself is do you use it and why do you use it?  If you look at what a restaurant is like, or if your local supermarket is open tomorrow before work then you can guarantee other people will to, they could be looking for information about you… don’t miss out!

If you’re a singer, magician, publican or shop owner we can tailor our services to suit your needs, read on for more information.

Information we need from you:

When we begin working together we will need some key pieces of information from you, this will help us to tailor your services to suit your needs.  Click the links below to take you to the relevant section:

Keywords | Your Services | Sources of Research | Special Offers, Bonuses and Incentives | Photos, Video or Audio


Keywords are words that people surfing the internet enter in to search engines to look for specific information; we want to ascertain as many key words as possible to help us target your social networking broadcasts and how we manage your presence. We can add more keywords throughout the process.

Your services:

W38 Media is almost like your outsourced Social Marketing Department and with that in mind we need to be able to know about the products and services you offer; this will help us to make best use of our interactions online on your behalf.

Sources of Research:

Because it is important for us to learn about your company and the services you offer we would like to be provided with some sources of research, below are some examples:

  • Websites providing news in your sector
  • Other similar websites we can use for inspiration
  • Clients you have we can broadcast as success stories

How we use these sources of research depends on the package you purchase but it helps us too tailor not only what we post on your behalf but also the groups, pages and twitter accounts we link your accounts to.

Special Offers, Bonuses and Incentives :

If we are aware of any special offers that are taking place or any incentives you are offering for people to follow you on social media we can broadcast that to all your followers.

Photos, Videos or Audio:

It is important to engage with your followers online, in the packages we offer we will publicise any photographs or videos you may have via your Facebook and twitter profiles.  If you are a singer or a band we can also publicise audio tracks.

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